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What You Can Do: Selling a Home with Code Violations

If your home has received code violations and you don’t have the finances to remedy the problems or pay the penalties and interest that collect daily, you may be thinking to yourself that you need to sell your house soon before anything else goes wrong, and your penalties will pile up. When faced with violations, a major concern for homeowners is that purchasers may refuse to consider a property that does not meet municipal rules and will try to negotiate the price down.

If you’re wondering whether you can sell your house without telling the buyer about the violations, the answer is no. You are required by law to report any infractions of building codes. If you don’t, you could be held liable for any financial losses the buyer suffers due to the infringement.

What Is A Code Violation?

A code violation is a notice from the city or county that something on your property needs to be fixed in accordance with local standards. This violation is mailed out, and there is usually a time limit to “fix” the violation. The notification will include the address and date of the violation, the type of violation, how to correct the violation, when the violation must be corrected, and whether or not there is a cost or fine associated with it.

However, because of code violations, you can sell your house and avoid getting more penalties. Below are the options you can take for selling your home. 

Options for Selling a Home with Code Violations

Find The Right Buyer

You will be free of the property and the worry that comes with selling the house. However, not every buyer is willing to take on restoring your home if it has code violations. You’ll need to find the perfect buyer who is willing to take on the challenge and will pay you a reasonable price. 

This frequently entails partnering with an investor who will recognize the property’s potential and be able to fix it up at a lower cost than a typical buyer. You’ll be able to sell swiftly without putting any more money into the property than necessary if you sell this way.

Make Repairs Before Listing

Making repairs maybe your greatest option if you want to get the best price for your home. It all relies on the problem’s scope. Simple infractions are frequently inexpensive and quick to correct. Larger issues, such as plumbing or foundation issues, need more time and money to resolve. If you don’t have the money or time to make repairs, you might want to consider other solutions.

You must also analyze the current state of the market. If purchasers have other properties to choose from, they can demand repairs or back out of a deal.

Offer Buyers a Lower Price for Code Repairs

Because there isn’t enough supply to meet demand in the present property market, sellers are seeing purchasers lining up for houses. As a result, it may be easier to sell a home with code issues presently.

You might find that purchasers are willing to make a concession and accept credit or a lower price that accounts for code infractions. Not every house will fall into this category, but if the problems are small or simple to correct, you may be allowed to avoid them before selling.

If you decide to let the buyer foot the tab for code violations, there are several options for reaching an agreement. Given the cost of repairs to the home, some sellers may grant buyers a credit at closing, as long as the code breaches do not constitute a safety or health risk. What’s important is to tell purchasers about all of your home’s code issues upfront and then drop the price accordingly – working with your agent and a contractor.

Disclose Any Code Violations

Any state compels you to disclose code infractions prior to the sale, and it is in your best interests to do so. Your buyer will most likely find out about the issues during the walkthrough or shortly before closing and may decide to back out of the deal.

If you invest time working with a buyer, preparing your property, and filling out paperwork for sale, last-minute back out will waste both your time, energy, and money. It’s preferable to have the buyer offer a somewhat lesser price upfront than to have them back out right before the closing.

Sell Your House ‘As Is’ To a Cash Buyer

When it comes to selling a home, most people want to get the greatest price possible, which is often best accomplished by listing it on the open market with the help of a real estate agent. However, not every seller has the monetary reserves or the flexibility to fix costly code infractions that prevent them from finding a buyer the traditional method.

That’s when selling the house “as is” before it goes on the market — whether it’s an institutional investor, a national house flipper, or a digital-age firm that buys homes directly at scale—becomes an appealing choice, even if it implies a price reduction. There could be multiple cash buyers in your market who would be willing to put their hat in the ring to buy your home on advantageous terms.


It’s not the end of the world if an inspector informs you of code infractions on your property. There are various methods available to help you sell your home quickly and easily. Sell My House Fast Los Angeles will assist you if you live in California and need to sell your home quickly. 

They will take your property exactly as it is, with all of its code breaches. They buy buildings with nearly every form of damage, from entirely crumbled back basement walls to residences with no roofs. You’ll be able to sell your home swiftly and painlessly – and, of course, you’ll be paid in cash, allowing you to start over. You won’t have to worry about money if you work with them. In fact, they can also cover all of the closing expenses.

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